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    Black-Led Churches agree National Political Mobilization

    (Press Release)

    LONDON – Delegates representing some of Britain’s largest Black-led churches have agreed a plan to radically change the relationship between the Black Church Movement in Britain and the British political process. Speakers at the meeting in London Tuesday 17 July 2012 included Simon Woolley of Operation Black Vote, Reverend George Hargreaves of the Christian Party, and academic and documentary presenter Dr Robert Beckford.

    Meeting under the aegis of CTE’s Minority Ethnic Christian Affairs, the group committed itself to write a Black Church Political Manifesto within six months – well ahead of the next General Elections – after engaging in a wide-ranging consultation process. The Manifesto will map the challenges faced by the Black community in Britain along with other disadvantaged urban dwellers, the actions the Black Church Movement itself will take, and the demands it will make in return for the votes of the Black Christian community.

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