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Spirit Matters Journal

March 9, 2013

Where are you?

“And the Lord called unto Adam, and said, Where art thou?” (Genesis 3:9)

Although we sometimes individualize the story of Adam and Eve, it is clear on any sensible reading that the story is addressing all of us. “Where are you?” is the perennial question addressed to each of us and the collective race of human beings. “Where are you?” We get lost in our activities, plans and daily routine. We drift through the reeds on life’s river but unlike Moses we have no particular direction or destination. We fail to orient ourselves with definite purpose and consequently end up like Saul hidden in our own baggage when God would summon us to a higher calling. “Where are YOU?” While the question is directed at all of us, it is indeed directed to EACH of us. Do you really know where you are in life, on your journey?  Where is your head? What are you preoccupied with? Who and what captures your imagination, your focus and attention? “Where are you?”

The implication of God’s address to Adam in this question is that he, Adam, is out of God’s sight. Or to say it differently, he is out of God’s view; away from God, outside of God’s will. “Where are YOU?”  Adam is hiding or better yet hidden among the trees. He is in the foliage, the undergrowth; among the bushes and the shrubs. He is hiding in the low growth, the thicket-lost in the thick of thin things. “Where are YOU?” Where are you at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday morning when the church bells toll? Are you somewhere asking, “FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS”? The answer is always the same. IT TOLLS FOR THEE! Where are you on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 when the Word of God is being taught, interrogated and explored; when it goes forth with the power to lift, inform, transfigure, and transform? Where are you hiding, in the thick of thin excuses? What could be more important to your life or in your life than your life with God? “Where are you?” What are you thinking about? Where are you really going? Is the road you are on the one that will get you there? Finally, it is not just a question of where you are but, indeed, where you are in relation to God. Put you mind and body squarely where they should be-on God’s Kingdom and in His Church. Shouldn’t your life be in God’s hands? Where is it? “Where are YOU?”

A Friend of the Crucified,

Pastor Johnson

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