The Walking Dead l Dr. Matthew V. Johnson l Spirit Matters Journal


Spirit Matter Journal

February 24, 2013

The Walking Dead

Ephesians 2:1


            The power of sin is death. Those of us who walk under its power walk in death as death walks in us. Sin manifests itself not in this or that dead, but rather in a state of mind and being. We are too wrapped up in thinking of sin as in rule infraction, a violation of this or that obligation or commandment. I would to God that sin was so simple or its power to so slight. No, sin manifests itself in the chains of hopelessness and the fetters of fear. The power of sin manifests itself in death, in the power to kill. It kills the spirit of children through abuse, multigenerational ignorance and parent’s willful stupidity. The power of sin is death. It destroys the aspiring imagination that would enrich the life of all through worthy projects in science learning, literature and art. It kills the good of faith and trust in the worthwhileness of life and human institutions with the poison of cynicism, sarcasm, envy and hate. The power of sin is death. It kills churches and other institutions committed to the advance of humanity and its relation to God with the venom of division, strife, petty jealousies and a spirit of contention. The power of sin is death. It kills yes, and even more engulfs would-be life in an atmosphere of death, so that the living become little if anything more than the walking dead. Hopelessness, violence, ignorance, hatred, emotional toxicity and fear are all indications that the human spirit has succumbed. People whose lives have narrowed to these confines are the walking dead, the hollow folk, whose spirits have died. And these symptoms are the noxious fumes of its decay.

Death is all around. You may be dead yourself and not know it. You are not in Bible Study. You stagger haphazardly in and out of church. It is no wonder that you don’t hunger after the word. If you are dead, you don’t need sustenance. It is the living who must be sustained by the Bread of Life, the Word of God. Let us walk in the newness of life, quickened and made alive in Christ. You need not remain dead or lead a life of decay and endless deterioration. In Him is life and He is the Light of men!



A Friend of the Crucified,

Pastor Johnson




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