Power and Glory ~ Spirit Matters MVJ

Power and Glory

 “For thou has said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God…” (Isaiah 14:13)

Power and Glory are the two great lusts of the human race. It is no wonder because they grow out of two of our deepest needs. The lust for power is grounded in our need for security and grows out of our instinct for self-preservation. When our wish for security is perverted through fear, it degenerates into the desire for control-control of one’s surroundings, control of others, control of all the forces and resources that sustain and enhance human life. The lust for Glory, on the other hand is closely related. It emerges from our love of self, narcissism. We all need to be loved and admired; but when the need to be loved and admired is perverted it becomes the lust for Glory. The lust for the admiration of others feeds our egos until inflated beyond all realistic apprehension. It degenerates into the desire to be worshipped. Now we may not admit it to ourselves or others, but in reality, that is what it becomes. When that happens we cannot criticize ourselves or accept realistic and constructive criticism from others. At that point we become like runaway locomotives, driving ever onward toward an eventual crash. This is often the fate of would-be great men and nations. The confluence of these two perversions in any one personality, group or nation is the perfect storm of sin. Repentance becomes impossible and even the very notion of God is transformed into nothing more than a mere reflection of our own twisted ambitions. This is idolatry at its worse.

These two lusts comprise the personality of the Great Evil that stalks the earth seeking the ruin of humans and their creations. This great evil seeks to intoxicate all of us with this elixir that deafens, cripples and blinds. There is only one inoculation from this poison. There is only one antidote for this disease-the Spirit of God! Drink deeply of God’s Spirit if you wish to remain pure of this evil. It seeks to infect you in all your endeavors and relationships. It does not manifest its most serious symptoms right away. It withholds the more obvious until the disease has taken root and the blindness has set in. Do not wait until you are too far gone or the disease has progressed to the terminal point. Keep your resistance up with authentic worship and devotion. Do not miss Bible Study and Sunday Morning worship. Pray daily and remain focused on the life and Spirit of Christ-AND YOU SHALL BE SAVED!

A Friend of the Crucified,

Pastor Johnson


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