” Mountains do Move” ~ Spirit Matters MVJ

Spirit Matters

Mountains do Move

“For verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.”(Matthew 17:20)

               It might be that we all have become a bit jaded with the promises of faith. Everyone from pop psychologist and positive thinkers to faith healing charlatans and prosperity preachers can be heard singing the praises of “faith.” “Have faith,” they say. Many of these people are not even talking about faith in God. They are talking about some vague amorphous idea of “faith in something.” “You gotta have faith in something,” they say-as if the SOMETHING does not matter. They speak as though “faith” is an end in itself and the OBJECT of faith is irrelevant. Faith, for these people, serves as a feel good buzz word evoked to lower listener’s defenses and prime them to accept whatever is being said or sold without the slightest thought or care. They evoke “faith” as though it is magic, a secret charm cast upon life to banish all obstacles and discomfort. “Just have faith,” so the saying goes.

This trivialization of faith works well in an American culture that sets people up for the easy sell. It works well in a culture where people are eager to believe. It works well in a culture where people are taught to think that words are magic and if you just think the right thing success is sure to follow. This, however, is just a sham shadow of what Jesus was talking about. This is just a hopeless dilution of the lesson Jesus gave his apostles. Like so much of everything else in American culture this is just a cheap knock-off of the genuine article; the shady used-car-salesman’s version of what was once a good idea.

The text above refers to a real and effective faith, a grounded faith and not some idea of faith in general divorced from its moorings. We preach the gospel, the word of faith. The word of faith is not some cheap slogan designed to ensnare the spiritually jaded but rather the liberating, transformative power of God. See you in worship.  Spirit Matters….

A Friend of the Crucified,

Pastor Johnson


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