Spirit Matters

Soul Afire is a live talk radio program that Inspires and Incites the personal spirit to come alive and reach for the fire within. Whether your life moves in the nests of tumbleweed against a desert dryness or flows quietly in the sanctuary of a lush foliage of a tropical riverbed, you live by the realm a claimed or neglected human spirit.  Spirit Matters.

The Soul AFIRE blog provides the opportunity to share, process and organize our journey in the Spirit . . . creating and growing the JOY of  SOUL AFIRE !


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Be sure to visit  FIRE JOURNAL the writings and blogspace of Dr. Matthew V. Johnson

Joyful Blogging, turn the flame up !


One thought on “HOME Soul AFIRE

  1. TruthWorks Network is proud to present it’s newest broadcast product, “Soul AFIRE”. We believe that this program is compelling and will find its voice throughout talk radio. In times where African-Americans, rather than continuing to build as a people, we have been required, in the era of Obama to poise and to defend our victories, contributions and progress of so many years of struggle.

    Soul AFIRE provides sanctuary and opportunities to soothe our souls and relieve our weary lives in safety and honesty. Dr. Johnson is just the person to help us navigate the spirit within. Souls AFIRE provides the fire for revitalization and rediscovery of the best of who we our.

    We hope that you will join him each Wednesday night in this weekly community gathering to find your inner fires.

    Janice Peak-Graham

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